Existence as a one-dimensional entity equals demise. Recognizing these limitations, + SCALE draws the connections between the like and the unfamiliar; the calming and the abrasive; the future and the past. Within these elements, a recursive nature exists; every sliver, grain and minute unit of measure contains a preview to the larger whole. By reflecting on multiple filters of information and perspectives, solutions arrive by weaving together elements of the whole; while focusing on the tangential relationships of each discipline, connecting the space between and within.

+ SCALE offers innovative, creative solutions for film, video, design, interaction and audio. Led by creative director Todd Sines, + SCALE operates as boutique studio collective of artists, directors, designers, animators + photographers. Projects include direction + design for broadcast, film, web, print and environments.

Brands we’ve worked with: American Airlines, Babelgum, Citi, David Yurman, Diane Von Furstenburg, Dupont, GE, Hennessy, Lacoste, Mtn Dew, Polet, Palm, Stoli, Tumi.

Broadcast networks: A&E, Bio, HBO, MTV, MTV Latin America, Spike, TLC, Versus, VBS, VH1.

Studios + production companies: Antidote Films, Dimension Films, Ghost Robot, GreenFuse Films, Jersey Shore Films, Lazulita Films, Miramax Films, Red Rope Productions, Wasteland, The Weinstein Co., Yasu Media.

Past film production work includes The Kids Are All Right, Cropsey, The Aspern Papers, The Last Kiddie Ride, Control, The Kingdom, HellBoy II, Hannibal: Behind the Mask, Wordplay, The Matador, The Libertine, TransAmerica, The Aviator, Sin City, Finding Neverland, Miss Potter, Between the Folds, Sonia, White Label and Prom Date.