Detroit Techno through the years 1991-2005

Detroit - Joe Louis's fist sculptureon the Daily Swarm:

I had first gotten my taste of “real” dance music in 1988 after hearing Kraftwerk’s Musik Non Stop. After getting sidetracked with industrial, goth, hip-hop, shoegaze and post-punk, in 1990, MTV‘s 120 Minutes showed a clip of 808 State performing “Cubik” at a Manchester rave; I immediately set my sights on techno. In 1991, I was sent an early Mute comp, Paroxysm, to review for my zine, featuring Underground Resistance; Mad Mike Banks called me afterwards, sent some records, and left a deep, lasting impression. Shortly after, I found “From Beyond,” Carl Craig’s project as Psyche—almost a fusion of Kraftwerk and This Mortal Coil. Within weeks, our band, Body Release, formed with key Ohio players Titonton Duvanté, Charles Noel [Archetyp] and Mike Szewczyk, dabbling in techno, IDM, jungle and house before we embarked on our own paths. In 1993, via Brian Gillespie, I was introduced to Detroit’s Carl Craig and Daniel Bell, which resulted in releases with Peacefrog, Planet E and 7th City within the year. We started throwing our own events, in collaboration with Ed Luna, as ele_mental in May of 1993, and brought Detroit artists to Ohio and vice versa. My world hasn’t been the same since—and these photos document our cherished memories across the midwestern rust belt in pursuit of house and techno.

— Todd Sines