Michael Angelo

ma_bigDirector, Editor, VFX Artist
Michael Angelo began his career staging camera packages at Magnetic Image while earning a Broadcasting degree at SFSU. Taking a 2nd job at THX Lucas Film, he met Visual Effects Supervisor Ken Ralston and shadowed him for a photojournalism project at ILM. Michael immediately caught the visual effects bug and began freelancing as a camera/lighting assistant on VFX stage and location shoots. After many years of production experience Michael changed careers working as an online editor specializing in VFX. He completed numerous projects including national commercials, Olympics for both CBS/NBC, music videos, plus years of color correcting independent films and documentaries working with a variety of directors including Werner Herzog. Michael Angelo’s long list of credits includes the role of director, producer, cameraman, gaffer, effects supervisor, designer, colorist, editor and effects artist.

Michael discovered Flame in 1998 and used his editorial plus VFX experience to run both Flame/Inferno and Smoke/Fire as well as supervising VFX shoots. “I find that my background in production is essential to my post work as I understand the entire process and this really helps me in communicating with everyone involved. Combining production, editorial, VFX and color experience has helped me tackle many challenges. Having worked each step in the process makes it easier to collaborate with others”. Currently he is freelancing on the West Coast working on commercials, feature films and music videos, most recently finishing VFX work for the films Knight and Day, Wolverine, Live Free or Die Hard [4], The Time Traveler’s Wife, The Spirit, Hairspray, Hellboy and more.