General Electric: Ecomagination

+ SCALE was approached by frequent collaborators Sub Rosa [AdAge’s Small Agency of 2010] to create materials for an event GE hosted in San Francisco, called Ecomagination. Celebrating its 5 year anniversary, the event showcased various energy technologies from wind power, nuclear recycling, and locomotive logistics management systems. + SCALE created 6 videos in HD, displayed on flat-panel plasmas, HD projectors on walls and a fabricated “cloudstream”.

GE: Offshore Wind Turbine
+ SCALE was delivered 2 images for this video; a photograph of 5 GE Wind Turbines and a photo-illustration from the April 2010 cover of Popular Science. For the first section of this video, + SCALE projection mapped the photograph onto rough 3d geometry, rebuilt the wind turbines, textured and lit the scene with a daylight lighting diagram, animated the turbine blades spinning, and added real wave footage [shot at the edge of a pier in Red Hook, Brooklyn] and moving clouds to the scene. In the second section, + SCALE cut apart the flat image of the Popular Science image and dismantled it into several layers that could be reverse-animated from a complete model, to an exploded view of the discrete components of the turbine.

GE: Rail Edge
RailEdge is an enterprise system for logistics control of railway fleets, from freight to passenger rail systems. This solution integrates software control of railway switches and tracks to maximize efficiency in delivery. + SCALE was supplied timelapse footage as shot by MSNG PCES and rebuilt the software control screens in 2d. This was then extruded in 3d to create camera movement that bridged the gap from the birds eye imagery of rail tracks to the overhead views from the software screenshots.

GE: ARC Prism
ARC, or Advanced Recycling Center, is GE’s solution for the further use of nuclear waste. PRISM, the Power Reactor Innovative Small Module, is a small reactor that takes depleted uranium waste and re-extracts uranium for the creation of new energy pellets from normal radioactive waste.

Producer: Michael Ventura [SubRosa]
Creative director | lead compositor: Todd Sines
3d animators: Lauren Prestifilippo & Jamel Dreyton