I N T E R V AL preview

I N T E R V AL live at Nothing Changes

Announcing the first INTERVAL show in 2 years.

Andries, Archetyp & Todd Sines have been busy at work on a ton of new material, which we have a taste of at http://intervalaudio.net/

Please join us on Wednesday, 8 Jan 14 at Nothing Changes / Home Sweet Home, 131 Chrystie Street / 10 PM as we bring our new work on stage.
Analog synths, effects, electronics, guitars, bass, drums, vocals and more culminate in a wall of sound with echoes of
Cabaret Voltaire, Section 25, A Certain Ratio, Joy Division/New Order and This Heat. — at Nothing Changes.


featuring special guest DJs
SILENT SERVANT [Jealous God, Downwards, Hospital, Sandra Electronics, Sandwell District / LA]
NIKOLA BAYTALA [Kontrol / Bionic SF · vinyl only post punk set]