Retail design pioneers Activaire, NEC, and + SCALE Partnered with ALU, a retail show room fixtures manufacture led by Abramo Manfrotto, to showcase their new retail space and showroom. Following the theme of Madhattan, a play on Mad Hatter, the group created three stations inside the Soho space:

  1. Narcisse — Model Alex Feldman explores her reflected self in this sensual and provocative exploration of Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass.
  2. Nature Mirror — Aromatic pine, earth, and rain scents are vaporize in a mist that flows through the nature mirror space, featuring 4K films of striking waterfalls, pine forests and expansive mountain ridges from upstate New York
  3. Reactive Mirror—Using in HD video camera and Quartz composer, A persons image is processed in real time to turn into a colorful psychedelic pointtilst halftone video mirror, whose colors cycled based on the audio and movement in the space. Dozens of attendees quickly use the image to update their profile pictures on Facebook and Instagram immediately turning it into a viral hit in a retail environment. + SCALE designed the digital invite and campaign via email, web and Vimeo.

Creative direction, Experiential installation via Quartz Composer and art direction by Todd Sines. Still and Event Photography by Andries Boekelman.
Model: Alex Feldman
Hardware provided by NEC.