Connecting the space between and within.

+ SCALE thrives at the intersection of lucid dreaming and problem-solving. Lofty aspirations collide into real-world challenges. We explore this equilibrium via the stories we tell through films, social media, experiential spaces, and physical objects.
From 1987–1991, Todd Sines produced a cult ‘zine chronicling the explosion of skateboarding, freestyle BMX, and music. After commandeering his high school’s Macintosh, his self-taught discipline begat art direction for arts institutions and ad agencies; experimental architecture, virtual reality game design & development, and music production for DetroitGerman, and UK music imprints.
+ SCALE launched in 2000, telling stories via films, events & installations, branding, creative advertising, music videos & social content, VC funding pitches, UI/UX, cause-driven media campaigns, and product design & development. Over the past 22 years, we’ve been fortunate to work with some of the world’s best and beloved brands, talent, directors, artists, musicians, and studios. 
We pour our hearts into each venture, turning every endeavor into lasting relationships.

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